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Pash is a child-friendly streaming package featuring fun, informative, high-quality content for kids.

Our Values

As children learn to explore the world around them, and as online entertainment becomes more accessible, what our kids watch becomes increasingly important. Pash is aware of this responsibility and is proud to help foster the social, emotional, and cognitive development of young viewers. Pash content stands for tolerance and friendship, thus promoting social skills and offering a safe portal for online entertainment.

Pash places high demands on its programs. Our content is based on the same values as those of our parent company ZDF and public children’s television broadcaster KiKA.


Education that’s fun

Children want to discover the world. What better way to foster their curiosities through entertainment? Explore socially relevant topics for children and prepare them for overcoming challenges as they grow up.


Curated content

Pash gives parents security and peace of mind. You can be sure that all content available on PASH is high quality, professionally produced, and suitable for young viewers.


No Rush!

In shows designed for young learners, images and actions should change slowly and predictably. Our Tiny Toons genre is specifically designed to match the learning pace of preschool-age children.


Happy endings

Good television for young kids can be exciting, captivating, and thrilling, but happy endings must be present in the content they consume. Child-psychology tells us that children tend to strongly identify themselves with the television characters they see on screen, and positive conclusions leave a lasting impression on self-confidence and general mood.

true heroes

True heroes

Children look for role models with whom they can identify for guidance and personality development. The role models encourage kids to overcome fear and promote social competence. Yet, protagonists should have weaknesses and make mistakes that they stand by and take responsibility for. In this way, children learn that nobody is perfect and can embrace things that might be difficult for them. And of course, no hero works alone! Teamwork, sharing, and listening to others is a fundamental aspect of the characters found across Pash content.



Children of pre-school age should not be confronted with violence. They lack the capacity for abstraction, and for them, what they see is real. We are committed to depicting the reality of children’s lives and to presenting constructive solutions for conflict resolution. The topic of violence isn’t completely ignored, but rather, discussed as something that should be avoided as an inappropriate way to overcome conflict.


Positive messages

During social development, children must recognize that there are always two sides to a coin and that the world is not just black and white. Conflict requires discussion, and problems should be addressed when appropriate solutions are offered. Ultimately, we hope to play a small role in developing a child's ability to navigate the sometimes difficult social situations that arise in early childhood and beyond.


From the children’s point of view

The stories, problems, fears, and figures are told from the point of view of kids. In this way, the lessons and takeaways for their own life situation become clearer and the messages conveyed can be more easily understood.


Building confident communicators

A key theme throughout many of the programs on Pash revolve around confident, curious protagonists setting out to find, or solve, or reach a goal that they didn't previously think was possible. We hope to foster a sense of self-esteem in young viewers so that they are willing to ask questions and communicate with parents and teachers clearly and confidently.

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