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What is Pash?

What is Pash?

Pash is a new international brand for children from 5-13 years of age with an exclusive offering of high-quality kids programs. A safe and trusted streaming destination from ZDF Studios, the Pash content catalog features hundreds of shows and movies that both kids and parents will love. 

Pash is a truly global brand that strives to provide quality entertainment for young viewers in various languages and across multiple countries. Pash stands for tolerance and friendship, with an aim to develop our audience's social skills and encourage a sensible approach to media consumption.

Pash wants to inform, educate, advise, and entertain. Pash offers young learners the possibility to try, discover, orientate, and be actively involved and deliberate in their own media choices.

Our Videos Our Videos

Our Videos

Entertaining movies, popular animated series, comic formats, documentaries, educational programs, innovative DIY series and interactive specials for boys and girls of all ages.

All Pash content is professionally produced, reviewed by an editorial board, and ultimately only released after each show or movie is deemed cognitively beneficial, entertaining, and appropriate for our audience. Parents can let their kids scroll through the Pash portal with confidence, knowing that all of the content their kids see has their best interests at heart. 

What does Pash believe in?

What does Pash believe in?

Content viewing is for downtime, and of course, should keep children happy and entertained. But content should also be enriching. Across all age-group categories, our programs foster discovery and emotional development. 

Children pique new curiosities and discover their passions in their free time. And as more and more kids turn to online media for entertainment, the content they watch should reflect the things that they are most excited about.

Navigating the World Wide Web can be a daunting task for both children and concerned parents, so Pash was designed to be a portal where kids can get comfortable on the internet without stumbling onto videos that they may not be ready for yet. 

Our Programmes Our Programmes

Our Programmes

Pash includes more than 400 hours of high-quality programming. We are proud to offer a selection of proven and internationally successful children's programs from world-renowned TV stations and production partners, in particular, KiKA and ZDF in Germany.

Our range of programs is carefully compiled by hand, by real people who are experts in the world of kid's TV. At Pash, no algorithms or artificial intelligence decide on the program selection. We are not a large commercial network that pushes certain content (in order to sell as many toys as possible, etc.), but rather a small team of people dedicated to creating an exceptional streaming experience for kids.



Pash is international and wants to reach as many children as possible in many different languages and countries. We want to be available everywhere. On TV, on tablets, on the Internet, on smartphones and smart TVs. Of course, we use large platforms because we don't expect viewers to find us right away. But we don't want to force anyone to subscribe to the platforms if they want to see us. Therefore, it will also be possible to subscribe directly via our own OTT app.

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We are real people. Please feel free to reach out via email, phone, or social media. 

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