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What you’ll get

  • An amazing selection of kids content!
  • Enriching content & themed playlists for children of all ages.
  • A channel that helps children discover more of what they love.
  • Shows full of meaningful life lessons and engaging facts about the world.
  • A safe way to let children explore online and make their own choices.
  • Content that brings parents and children together.
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Our Philosophy

Children should be entertained by the content they view and encouraged to explore their growing curiosities about the world. PASH hopes to help kids and parents stream quality entertainment in today’s complex content viewing environment.


Positive discovery & emotional growth

As children inevitably learn to navigate the internet, PASH offers a safe place full of opportunities to discover more about the world and their place in it.



Ultimately, our content is about having a great time, overcoming challenges, and enjoying life.

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Parent-child connection

Family movie night anyone? PASH understands the importance of strong parent-child connections and we believe in great content's ability to bring families closer.

Our Channels